Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the pot that died

Last night, Tim and I got home at around 8:00pm.  Neither of us had eaten dinner yet, so let me tell you folks: we were hungry.

We had some leftovers in our freezer, so we decided to just thaw those since that would be quick and easy.  But I like to be somewhat healthy, so I decided to steam some cauliflower, too.  [Side note: I kept mixing up "cauliflower" and "broccoli" last night.  And I almost just typed broccoli instead of cauliflower.  Special.]

Before I even started thawing our leftovers, I cut up the cauliflower [almost just did it again] and put it in the steamer, which I then set inside a pot.  I put it on the burner, turned on the stove, and started thawing the leftovers.

Once the leftovers were thawed, I checked on the cauliflower, certain it would be almost done.  To my surprise, it didn't look any different.  I checked to see if the burner was on [which it was] and got our drinks ready and the table set.

I checked the cauliflower again.

Still no different.

Suddenly my breath caught in my chest.

I hadn't put any water in the pot.  Which meant the cauliflower wasn't being steamed.  Which meant the bottom of my pot was black as coal.  [This seems an inappropriate time to make a joke about the pot calling the kettle black, eh?]

Kids, I have steamed vegetables dozens...nay, hundreds...of times.  But never have I ever not put water in the pot.

I decided to just let the pot cool down naturally, hoping beyond hope that it would just somehow be 100% ok.

About 10 minutes later, we heard a loud bang which made us think that perhaps our kitchen was exploding.  I checked on our pot and this was the result:

That's right.  The bottom of the pot came off.  I didn't even know that was possible.

I was sad for about five minutes, and then I couldn't help but laugh.  So then I gave Tim a monologue about how our steamer would have to grieve quickly and then soon remarry the other pot that we [thankfully] have.

The other good news is that we got to use our rice cooker/steamer for the first time since getting it as a wedding gift.  Tim is usually the kitchen-gadget guy but I have formed an immediate attachment to this new kitchen appliance.

Hopefully I won't ruin this new favorite appliance by forgetting to put water in the pot.

But if I do, you know dang well I will blog about it.


Emma Frances said...

How funny! I haven't done that...yet. It's only a matter of time! Haha. We ruined a pot last night trying to make {Race's} Gradma's fudge. It was going good until it all of the sudden started smoking and it just kept burning even when it was taken off the heat. We're glad we started learning now so that hopefully by Christmas {and a few ruined pots later} we can make it for the family! {We're going to Goodwill today to look for cheap pots that we won't mind ruining. Haha.}

bematheson said...

Ok that is hilarious, that sounds like the pregnancy brain I have haha

Fran said...

This is so funny... can't say I done that, yet anyways. I'm waiting for the day I drop the ball like that, after all I've already messed up brownies and mac n cheese from the box haha

Alexis Kaye said...

haha i didn't know that was possible either! is your steamer/rice cooker from costco? I've heard those ones are awesome

karajean said...

Love this! Scott would have freaked out. He is so protective of his cooking pots and pans! It's actually kind of crazy. Anyway, I hate when I mess something up that I KNOW I know how to do, you know? (Most annoying sentence ever.)

Siri Natalia said...

Ha ha that is so funny! I think we have all had our share of cooking disasters! :) Me especially!