Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thanksgiving traditions - old and new

I am incredibly lucky.

Wanna know why?

Because I now have two families.  Two incredible, loving families.

And I get to see them both this week.

Wedding Day - thanks to this girl.

First, we get to go to Tim's sister's house and spend Thanksgiving with his family there.  Unfortunately, not all of his siblings will be there, but I guess that's a risk you take when there are ten kids in the family.  [Yes.  Yes, that's right.  Ten.  Yeah, it blew my mind a little, too.]

Family gatherings with the Devey family are a bit of a whirlwind of commotion - in a good way.  There are kids and dogs running all about [including his Mom's chihuahua that scares me to this day - don't judge] and people everywhere.  It's fantastic, and certainly something I'm not really used to yet.  [I used to think Thanksgivings with my family included gargantuan amounts of people and animals, but I was wrong.  I was very wrong.]

Then, we get to go to Prescott and spend a couple of days with my family, too.  You see, my aunt Ginny and I have this tradition.  We go shopping the weekend after Thanksgiving every year that we can possibly manage it.  While you might see this as a shallow - perhaps superficial - tradition, I prefer to see it more as a day to bond and talk about life's deepest mysteries whilst enjoying the finer things of life.  [Namely clothes, food, and Bath and Body Works's famous scents.]

Plus, spending any time at all with my family always gives me the warm fuzzies and getting to see my grandma makes the next couple of months about 289 times better.

Yep, I am incredibly lucky.  Or maybe blessed is a better word for it.

Does anyone have any fantastic Thanksgiving traditions?


Jana said...

Sara and I do black friday. You're right, it may be seen as materialistic, but we make so many memories waiting in line. Every year I make it my goal to embarrass Sara by singing as loud as possible, and every year I succeed. The memories are worth far more to me than any other Christmas present could ever hope to be. P.S. the word verification is biopur

Siri Natalia said...

My family tradition is to have Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's parents, but since I am married now, we have to make time for both families. This is tricky since they are in different states. So Thanksgiving is going to be with Lance's family this year and Christmas with my family! It is so nice to have two loving families. :) Btw, yes I LOVE the Harry Potter books. I was at every midnight release for them and have read them all three times. Working on a fourth round. :)

katilda said...

ahaha...my awkward arms photo. silly restrictive dress sleeves. do you have the rest of the wedding photos yet??

karajean said...

We're doing 2 Thanksgivings as well. Three, actually, counting the one we did Sunday. We are blessed to have so much family close by, but sometimes it's too stressful for me! I wish we could spend an entire day with 1 family, instead of rushing around trying to see everyone.

Emma Frances said...

Family is the best! We get to see both of our families over the weekend but not both on Thanksgiving day. And I totally understand the ten kids thing! I'm from a family of eleven! We'll all be there except for my one brother who is on a mission. Family is the best!