Tuesday, February 7, 2012

books, cookies, and sophistication

For those of you interested in turning your blog into a book, I asked Tim how he did it, and he said he used this website.  I guess there's another website that does it called Blurb, but he talked to his sister-in-law and she recommended Blog2Print.  [Plus Blurb is a weird word.  Totally relevant.]




And I'm completely in love with it.  I have a very creative, thoughtful husband.  To say the very least.

But sometimes, when we're making cookies, he unexpectedly throws flour in my hair:

Which obviously means I have to get him back:

And I obviously got him way better than he got me.  There may have even been a smudge of flour on his ear for the remainder of the evening [that I conveniently neglected to tell him about].

We did, however, manage to get some flour in the cookies and they turned out delicious.  [Deliciously?  Meh.  Whatever.]

In closing, I would just like to show you these pictures because they make me giggle.

Trying to post like mannequins.  Naturally.

We occasionally try to be sophisticated museum people, but the truth inevitably comes out.


Siri Natalia said...

Super fun! I have actually used Blurb and it is awesome so I recommend that too! Love the cookie baking fight. :)

katilda said...

speaking of sophistication, CHECK OUT THAT PINEAPPLE CLOCK ON THE WALL.

The Muse said...

Sweet info! Thanks... and yeah, the whole "natural" model posing is always ridiculous. We always make fun of the women in catalogs... because I always jut my hip out and cock my head while wearing my skinny jeans. Hmmm.

Kylie said...

So I found your blog through Alexis, and it's really cute. I just wanted to tell you I've used Blurb, and while it's a bit more expensive, it's a completely customizable and has beautiful results too. It's so fun! I've heard lots of good things about Blog2Print, too.