Wednesday, February 22, 2012

herman cain: bad lip reading

This probably makes my list of the top ten stupidest videos I've ever seen.

And yet, somehow, it gets funnier every single time I watch it.  Every. Single. Time.

Tim and I watch it probably at least once a day.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • "This is my juice.  And i'm hungryyy."
  • "And i'll sing sing sing about it."
  • "Achoo!"
  • "That's five."
  • "Half of me swole in two days.  I had to fire a man.  He was flippin'.  He was prob'ly sufferin."
  • "It's gooood."
  • "Hahaha...My phone's broken."
  • "Let's go parachutin' on Tuesday."
  • "I'm gonna teach you an expression.  'I quit.'"
  • "Happy Hoops Day!"

After class today, I noticed that I had a voicemail from Tim.  I was expecting something lovey-dovey, which was why what he said took me completely by surprise.


The message ended abruptly with the onset of my immediate and completely startled laughter.

And I haven't stopped laughing about it since.

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katilda said...

i think Ricky is a totally endearing....nickname....