Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11 things

Ok kids...are you ready for this?

My friend Alexis tagged me and you get to hear not five, not eight, not even ten...but eleven random things about me.

Why, you ask?

I'm not really sure.  But.  All the cool kids are doing it.  

[And Alexis's blog is one of my favorites, so, you know, when in Rome...] 

[Wait, what?]

Let's get this party started!

1.  I am a compulsive picture straightener.  And it's actually really annoying.  I can't comfortably sit still if something is crooked.  Which is why, if I'm not in my own house, I spend a lot of time sitting uncomfortably.  [Trying to restrain myself from awkwardly straightening someone else's picture.]  Tim thinks this quirk of mine is the funniest thing in the world.  Sometimes I think he makes things crooked on purpose just to see how long it will take me to fix it.

2.  This one makes me feel guilty.  Gulp.  I like dogs better than babies.  There.  I've said it.  Judge away.  I have been this way my entire life.  And even though I just recently caught the baby fever, if a dog and a baby are in a room together, I will most likely want to touch the dog first.  But.  I do like babies.  I do.  [And certainly way more than I did before I got married.  Weird how that happens.]

3.  These are my new boots:

And I love them.  I emailed my mom a picture of them and told her that, you know, if she wanted, she could get them for my birthday.  But my mom has a hard time waiting to give presents, so I got them more than a month early.  And I didn't complain.

4.  My favorite number is 8.  I remember sitting in the reading corner of Mrs. Freschette's 2nd grade classroom, looking at all the possible choices, and deciding that I liked the number 8 best.  For one thing, the odd numbers were...well...just odd.  And for another thing, it's very symmetrical, unlike the other even numbers.  And that's nice.

5.  Tim and I sing together sometimes.  Have I told you that?  We haven't done it in awhile, but we used to sing together all the time.  We want to get back into it.  Here is a song that Tim wrote:

That recording is from one of the open mic nights at Tim's old house when we were engaged.  [There are a few off notes, I know.  Don't judge me, please.  I was nervous, dangit!]

6.  I am not a huge lover of super fancy schmancy restaurants.  For one thing, they are usually way out of my price range.  For another thing, they usually give you a fourth the amount of food that you would get at a normal place.  And for another thing, the food has names I've never heard of and doesn't even taste all that great.  For another another thing, I am generally just more comfortable in a casual burgers and fries kind of place.  Or a casual Mexican food kind of place.

7.  I love happy-sounding music.  It makes me feel happy inside.

After all these years, this song is still a favorite.

8.  My husband is way too nice to me.  Like the kind of nice where he'll literally jump out of bed to get me a drink if I offhandedly mention that I'm thirsty.  I tell him that he needs to stop or he's going to make me lazy.  [But what I really mean is: please don't stop.]

9.  I am terrified of the dark.  You would have thought this would go away by the time I turned ten, but I am probably even more scared of the dark now than I was when I was a little kid...if that is even possible.  If no one is around, I spend a lot of time running places.  [Even around my own house...running from room to room...so special.]

10.  I try to be a runner.  Often.  I am not a natural by any stretch of the imagination, and I have really bad ankles [they turn in really far], but I still keep trying.  The most I've ever run consistently was 30 minutes.  And that took me forever to work up to and it killed my knees and ankles at the end of every run.  Right now I am back to 10 minutes [running 10 mins and walking 30 mins], and so far, all is well.  [Cross your fingers for me.]

11.  Petsmart is one of my favorite stores.  Tim and I have already decided to wait on getting a dog [apartments and big dogs just don't mix that well, especially with our crazy schedules], but I am always trying to convince him to let me get a pet other than our beta.  Last time we were in Petsmart, I tried to convince him to let me get a rabbit.  It didn't work.  [But I could tell he thought about it.  Progress.]

And now for the fun part...I get to nominate some of you!

Drum roll please...

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I read [and love] way more blogs than that, but I think that's a good start.  So congratulations, kids, and get to writing!



The Muse said...

That was really fun to read :) I still get scared of the dark, too, especially stairs in the dark. I have this weird fear of someone grabbing my leg and dragging me down screaming. It's never actually happened, though.

Ali said...

I just did my 11 things hahaha and I'm still terrified of the dark ;) So I will SOOO not judge you for it ;)

katilda said...

i can't decide what to comment on first! i do know i need to do one of these posts soon....just gotta think of 11 things....let's focus on those boots, however. YAY BOOTS!!

Alexis Kaye said...

wow. so many things. haha. Your comment takes me to a new page so now I can't remember a lot of things but I remember relating to a lot of them. Like being afraid of the dark. liking dogs more than babies. Is it bad that babies scare me and I get bored? When they're young it scares me to hold them because I constantly think they're going to stop breathing or that i'm crushing them. Honestly the fact that you said that makes me feel like a better human.

Chantal said...

Love the boots!!! And you!!!! So I'm gonna start brainstorming... 11 things...

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

This is such a happy post!! And I looove those boots! And I am also a compulsive picture straightener! And I also looove PetSmart! And I love you!!

Emma Frances said...

Ummm. I LOVE that you two sing together! My husband WISHES that I would sing with him. I don't sound nearly as good as you though! :] Also, that whole picture straightening thing is pretty funny! I think Tim does make things crooked on purpose. Hilarious! And your new boots are awesome! I'm just a little jealous! Also, I can't wait to do this! I just have to try and think of eleven random things first!

karajean said...

Sweet! I really need to get on this...

Siri Natalia said...

Love the boots! I am super excited to get a dog once we get into a house! :)