Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pumpkin carving

On Monday night for FHE, we decided to carve a pumpkin.

Tim got a little excited about using our various knives.  Obviously.

Ahahaha.  Ha.

Tim took upon himself the honor of cutting off the top, while I gave him tips based on my many years of pumpkin-carving experience.  [What man doesn't love being told how to use a knife?]

We took turns pulling out pumpkin guts.  And simultaneously took turns romantically calling each other "pumpkin."  Some jokes never get old.

Since Tim had taken the honor of carving out the top, I decided it was only fair for me to carve the entire face.

It got a little intense.  Especially when one of the teeth I'd carved inexplicably came out with the mouth and our pumpkin became a redneck.

A total masterpiece, right?  I bet you can't even tell we didn't use a stencil.

I then felt compelled to take a picture of our front door.

And then of some decorations which maybe aren't even totally relevant yet.  You're welcome.

And then we roasted the pumpkin seeds and ate a ridiculous amount of them.

Next year I'll probably be doing "mom" things like sticking our crying baby into our pumpkin just so I can take a cute picture of her that she will probably consider blackmail material sixteen years from now.

Sounds about right.

Happy Halloween everyone!


The Muse said...

That made me laugh! o then I had to read it to Kirk. He laughed, too. A lot.

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh.... you two are the CUTEST!!