Thursday, October 25, 2012

vertuccio farms

Last night, we went on a double date with this fabulous couple.  We all drove out to Vertuccio Farms in east Mesa to have some corn-mazing, kettle-corn-eating, old-fashioned fun.  I wish I could tell you that the air felt crisp and that the smell of autumn was in the air, but really I'm just grateful that the weather is no longer in the nineties.

I was startled to find that there was a fake udder under there that would actually shoot out water.  Startled...and thrilled.

Tim was just thrilled to discover that he could shoot me with said water.

The next few pictures are all part of our corn maze adventure:

And these pictures are all because of my fascination with the farms animals.  Former 4-H girl, you know.

This little guy melted our hearts.  All he wanted was some attention:

These pedal cars were fantastic.  I felt a little like I was five years old again.

And then there was the strength competition:

Here's how it went down.  Joe won.  Tim got a close second.  Cassie wasn't really that far behind them.  And I lost by a landslide.  

I blame the baby.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

That time we were all five again.

And then we all went to Bahama Bucks to finish off a perfect night.

Thanks, Joe and Cassie!


katilda said...

BAHAMA BUCKS I NEED IT NOW. ...sorry, outburst. I like the parts where you said "corn-mazing."

The Muse said...

We want to go on dates with you guys! This was amazing for so many reasons: milking a cow (on my bucket list), my memory of you raising 4H rabbits in Yuma... is that a true memory?, and that "heads" shot. Awe-some.

Me said...

So... the manliness that I displayed during the "strength competition" seems to have triggered the worst case of sciatica ever experienced by mankind. I'm so strong and manly that it hurts. Literally. Ouch.