Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[wannabe] morning person

We took our engagement pictures yesterday.  It was supposed to have been on Monday, but I accidentally...slept in.  You see, my friends, when picture-taking is at 5:45am [AM!] a small part of me dies inside.  [Slight exaggeration - but only very slight.]  Because that means that I have to get up before 5:45am, especially if I want to curl my hair [which I did].

So when Tim called me on Monday at 5:15am [the time when I was supposed to be at his house], I panicked and almost cried [my emotions run amuck when I don't get enough sleep].  Tim calmed me down, called our photographer, and set it up again for the following morning.  I was so worried that I wouldn't wake up again the next day, so I set two more alarms and had Tim plan to call me.

But thankfully, I was woke up by myself yesterday!  And I became very awake very quickly when my roommate Katie said, "Hellooooooo!" very loudly.  I responded to her, only to realize she was still asleep.  [It was very funny and a little creepy.  But it did help wake me up.]

And by the time I got to Tim's house I was full of energy and extremely giggly.  Thankfully, he was in a similar mood [#tiredkids], and we giggled the whole way out to meet our photographer.

Ah yes, our photographer.  Her name is Ashtyn, and she is the sweetest thing in the world.  [Possibly literally.  I'm pretty sure if I were to meet every person in the entire world, she would still be the sweetest.]  And she is so talented!  Check her out here!

For all my complaining, the morning shoot was great for a few reasons:

1. Ashtyn didn't mind our giggliness, and it probably made for some fun[ny] shots.

2. The lighting is so perfect at that time of morning.  Really.

3. The heat - or rather, the lack thereof - at that time of morning.  I was amazed at how much cooler it felt at that time of morning.

Moral[s] of the story?

1. Early morning is way better than I thought it would be.

2. Don't be creeped out when your roommate says [really very friendly] things in her sleep.

3. I can't wait to see the pictures.  And I will post them ASAP.

[Compelling morals, eh?]


katielizabethawkes said...

i think my subconscious just wanted to make sure you were awake. i did promise you i would help wake you up. i didn't promise i would be awake when i did so.

Ashtyn Foster said...

You are such a doll!! Thanks for the link love! I promise to have a fuller sneak peak post for you guys soon. =)