Wednesday, January 4, 2012

canyon lake day trip

Monday was a very special day for Tim and me.

It was a day we both had work off.

It was also a day in which we decided we would make use of three very special gifts that Tim had gotten from Santa: a small charcoal grill, an ice chest, and a fishing license.

And it was a day in which I could make use of my very special gift from Santa: a picnic basket.

I bet you can see where I'm going with this.

We went to Disneyland.


We drove about 50 minutes outside of Phoenix to get to a place called Canyon Lake, where we hiked, fished, and barbecued.  [Well, technically, Tim fished since I don't have a fishing license, but I read instead.  Equal amounts of pleasure involved.]

This picture from our hike cracks me up:

It looks like I'm doing some sort of strange model pose, but really it's just that my feet are positioned perfectly so that I won't fall down the side of the mountain mid-shot.

The above picture is actually Tim's model pose.

And he loves it when I take candid pictures:

I just had one rule during our little day trip: no live worms in our cooler.  [I know, I am one tough wife.]

Our picnic table all decked out:

Tim has only used gas grills throughout his life, and I had only watched my dad use a charcoal grill.  Thus, our conversation getting it started went something like this:

Tim:  How much charcoal do I put in there?

Me:  Uhh...that looks good.  I think.  I don't really know.

Tim:  Wow, are the flames supposed to be that big?

Me:  I think so.  Maybe it's because it's so windy.

Tim:  Do you think I should pour some water on it?

Me:  No, don't do that.  Do you want me to call my dad to make sure it's ok?

Tim:  Maybe.  It's just making me nervous.

Me:  *checks phone*  Oh just kidding, I don't have any service.  We're on our own.  Don't worry.  I think it's normal.

Me:  Ahhh!  Now it's making me nervous, too!

Thankfully, the flames did eventually die down and everything went smoothly after that.  And we had some mean hamburgers.

In addition to being uncertain about the grill, it took us forever to figure out where to buy the recreation pass for the day.  [And that ended up involving driving into a very small town, listening to some very loud motorcycles, and trying to walk through some very oblivious people.  And some Mennonite people.  Which doesn't really have to do with anything. But it was kinda cool.]

It just makes me wonder: did our parents go through the same things or did they just somehow inherently know everything right away?

I'm hoping it's the former.

It's much more fun figuring everything out together.


Karm said...

Sounds like a great day. Burgers and hiking... I like the tie dye shirt (:

Beverley said...

beautiful place, I love sitting by the water and relaxing. great pics thanks for sharing all of it.

katilda said...

i was going to say i hoped you took mennonite pictures they believe that steals your soul? i better Google this...ok, you're allowed to take pictures with them. But you're supposed to ask to be polite. So i guess that's the same as any people. In which case, i usually just take all the secret pictures i want.

The Muse said...

Sounds fun. And I believe parents had to learn, too. But parents just seem magical, somehow, that way. So maybe they didn't have to. Then again, I am now a parent, and I haven't yet received magical powers. Hmmm... Well, except for the power of accomplishing tasks one-handed while carrying a 20 lb. baby. I guess that's magical.

The Muse said...

And Grandma Electra would have LOVED that hiking "model" shot. :) You look Go-geous.

Fran said...

Sounds like a great day! Burgers from the grill sound so good right now haha :)

Brooke said...

My husband has a very ... special... viewpoint towards pictures too. AKA he'd like to stab them to death. We're working on it.