Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas catch-up

I know some of these pictures are a little behind [ok, a lot behind], but I thought I'd show you some pictures from Christmastime.

My new niece, Brynn, and me during our visit to Yuma.

Tim's parents.  We were taking pictures for their Christmas cards and...

...Tim decided he wanted in on the fun.  
[We didn't send this out in our Christmas cards.  In fact, we didn't send any Christmas cards at all.  Bad, bad wife.]

My grandma's dog, Cody.  I love all 130 pounds of him to pieces.

This is Casey.  He is my baby.  
[And that picture should give you some kind of indication of what our Christmas was like: messy, fun, and very early.  Even Casey was tuckered out.]

This is in my grandma's backyard.  
[And I mostly like this picture because Cody decided to be part of it.]

My beautiful family.  [Where Tim and I are the short ones.]

Tim's sister Melissa and me chillin' in the massage chairs in Brookstone at Chandler Mall.

Melissa and Kiley.  
[Kiley is a new niece, too.  What the.  I went from having no nieces and nephews to having over 20, I think.  And some of them are my age!  Gotta love big families.]

And there you have it.  Christmas Catch-up.

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Fran said...

Nice pictures! Looks like a good holiday :)