Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This past weekend, two of my favorite people got married:

Cassie and Joe.

Aren't they lovely?

I take credit for this auspicious occasion.

Every chance I get.

And I'm going to hold it over their heads until the day I die.

And they will give me their firstborn child.

And they will get sick of telling the story about how I set them up and changed their lives forever.

But I won't.

Would you like to hear the story?

At some point shortly before Tim and I got married, I caught the matchmaking bug.  [This phenomenon occurs with approximately 94.6% of seriously dating or engaged couples.  The etiology is uncertain, and the results are somewhat unclear, as there are mixed results within and between couples.]

But as a result of the dreaded matchmaking bug, I started forming couples in my head with every single person I had ever met in my life.

Joe was my home teacher at the time, and he was a dang good one at that.  In addition to visiting me, he would also check up on me at church and at every activity.  Additionally, Tim had worked with him before.  Thus, I knew from first and secondhand experience that he was a pretty good guy.

I had known Cassie since I was a little girl [though not very well - I moved away before we could really get to know each other], and somehow she ended up in my singles ward about 10 years later.  [This happened with Tim, too; those Yumans - they hang on like the plague.]  She is best friends with Tim's sister, Melissa, and even though we hadn't talked much, I knew she was funny and smart.

Consequently, one day as I was going through the permutations and combinations of possible couples in my head, I had an epiphany.

Joe and Cassie.

It just made so much sense to me.

I talked to Tim about it, and he felt good about it.  Then I talked to Melissa about it, since she is Cassie's best friend.  She immediately became excited - apparently she and her roommates had already thought of this and knew it was a good idea.  [In fact, they had even drawn up a marriage plan one day during Sunday School.  And they didn't even know him.  Destiny, I tell you.]

So, I set my plan into action.

One day at church, I cornered Joe and said, "Joe, I have someone I think you should ask on a date!"

He hesitantly replied, "Ok, I'm open to suggestions."

I proceeded to tell him about this beautiful, smart girl named Cassie.  He asked how he could get ahold of her.  I said I'd get her phone number for him.

Well, there was no need for that.  By the time I'd obtained her phone number, he'd already been friends with her on Facebook and asked her himself.  [Talk about proactive.]

And now they're married!

Ah, love.

Moral of the story?  Even if you don't know two people that well, you can change their lives forever and hold it over their heads for the rest of that forever-changed life.

It's a great system, really.

I'm so proud.


Me said...

This is probably my favorite blog post that anyone has posted. Ever.

karajean said...

That is such a cool story. Sometimes I want to fix people up but I always lose my nerve!

Fran said...

This is amazing. I would hold it over their heads forever, to the end of times. True story. haha