Monday, June 15, 2009

helpful hints

As one of my assignments at work, I had to look through an old book called "The Bride Guide" to see if I could find any helpful hints for one of the many events we plan daily. Although there were no helpful hints to be found for any of the kinds of events we plan, there were some interesting facts I had not been previously aware of.

Case in point. Under the origins of traditions section, these were some of my favorites:

  • Rings date back to a time when cavemen tied braided grass circlets around the bride's wrists and ankles to keep her from escaping. Later, rings were made of leather, carved stone and crude metal.

This made me laugh way longer than it should have.

  • The best man and ushers were originally burly friends who helped capture the bride-to-be. Suitors often had to fend off overprotective brothers or other suitors. It made sense to bring along the best man for the job.

I'm imagining cave men here.

  • Old shoes used to be thrown at the bride by her father to signify he was giving her to the groom. The shoe was a symbol of possession and authority in the good old barefoot days. Another version says they were thrown at the groom as he kidnapped his bride.

Either way...

Nothing says romance like tying the bride up with grass and kidnapping her or pelting her with shoes.

There have been approximately 32 engagements in my ward since March. I am definitely recommending this book to anyone who asks.