Friday, May 14, 2010


A few days ago we had the convocation ceremony for the engineering school. Because I was a staff member and not a student, this gave me certain privileges. Let's review:

1. I got to go where I wanted, when I wanted.
2. I got to tell people what to do and where to go.
3. I got to wear a headset. (Freaking awesome. Love this. It made me feel important. Or maybe like a kid again. I can't decide.)

And most importantly...

4. I got to eat the food.

When we got to the arena, my eyes first caught hold of the food table - before anything else. My senses for such things are acute. Even if I were blindfolded, I would probably still know where to find the food table. More specifically, I would probably still know where to find the free food table. Immediately I grabbed a brownie, knowing from experience that if I didn't act quickly, I would be out of luck. (Faculty can be so greedy sometimes.)

Later, after the ceremony had started, my coworker brought me three more brownies, which I am ashamed to admit I promptly ate. [My excuse: No time for dinner.] A few minutes later, another coworker offered to bring me some brownies. This time, I refused, much to the shock of everyone around me. I had decided enough was enough. Although I like brownies, I wasn't excited at the prospect of possibly turning into one.

You see, I have this reputation at work. Everyone knows I like food. Free food. And often, junk food. Everyone brings me food. All the time.

Occasionally, I think about changing this reputation, since I'm certain it's probably not the most flattering reputation to have.

But let's get real, people.

I really like food.