Sunday, February 21, 2016

ellie says

This last summer, I started keeping track of some of the funny things Ellie would say.  At first, I didn't write down the date, but starting in October, I realized I'd probably want to remember that, too. :)  I'm going to try to do semi-regular blog posts about them so I'll have a record somewhere.

I just think she's hilarious.

Summer Comments:

"Follow me, guys!"

"I'll be right back!  I got stuff!"

Ellie: Mama I need a bandaid!
Me: No, baby, you only need a bandaid if you are bleeding.
Ellie: Oh.
*a couple of minutes later*
Ellie: *starts breathing heavily*
Me: What are you doing?
Ellie: I bweathing! I need a bandaid, please!

"You are sad, Mommy?" *touches my cheek*  "Look at me.  I'm here to save you."

"Oh, that's pretty cool!"  (Like, all the time.)

"Oh ohh-kayyy."  (Said in an annoyed teenager tone, every time I'd ask her to do something she didn't want to do.)

"Ok, sure!"  (When I'd ask her to do something she did want to do.)

(For this one, you have to understand that I get a Dr. Pepper from McDonald's more often than I'd like to admit.  Their D-Pep is just the best!)
"Mom, are we going to 'Old McDonald's' today?"

(To understand this one, you have to know that every Saturday, we do a soda run at a gas station and often get corndogs or something, too.  I know.  Healthy.  On this particular day, we'd just gotten her an icee without anything to eat.  Once we'd gotten back to the car, she looked around, confused.)
"Where's my corndog?"

When we went to the Martin Harris pageant in Clarkston, Tim took Ellie to the very crowded public restroom.  He said that she just sang "sitting on the potty" over and over, very loudly.

Ellie: You are Ellie, and I am Mommy!
Me:  That's pretty funny!
Ellie:  It's not funny, it's cute!

Ellie:  We're gonna roast marshmallows!
Me:  Yep, mini ones.
Ellie:  We're gonna roast Mickey Mouse marshmallows!

*watching the wind outside*
"Mommy, the trees are dancing!"

"Mommy, look at this ant!  I punched it in the face and it died."

Ellie:  I'm cleaning the house!
Me:  Oh thank you!
Ellie:  My pleasure!

Ellie:  Why does daddy need medicine?
Me:  Because it helps him be happy!
Ellie:  Oh.  I like ice cream!

*GASP* "That's not 'bery bery' nice!  (She said this almost daily, especially during scripture time.)

*my conversation with her almost every morning*
Me:  How did you sleep?
Ellie:  Good!  I wake up for 20 hours and sleep two hours.

1/2/16 (and every day)
"Oh  Yeah.  Right.  Sorry."

Ellie:  George is dancing with his wife!
Me:  Oh, Curious George and Minnie Mouse are married?
Ellie:  Yes.  But George isn't Jesus!
Me:  Oh...okay.

Tim: Who made trees?
Ellie:  Jesus.
Tim:  Who made water?
Ellie:  Jesus.
Tim:  Who made mountains?
Ellie:  Curious George.

*pointing at a picture she'd just drawn*
Ellie:  That one's the daddy and the big one's the mommy!
Me:  Oh...well what's in the mommy's mouth?
Ellie:  A pill!

Me:  We leave for Grandma's house today!  You, me, Daddy, and baby Brett!
Ellie:  And Curious George!  You know the rules!

*after I'd finished singing*
"Mommy, that was so beautiful!  That makes my heart sing.  I love that."

*watching a cartoon with a villain in it*
"I can't believe myself this guy!"

Ellie:  Daddy, how was work today?
Tim:  It was good!  We got in some samples of freeze-dried food to try.
Ellie:  I don't like samples!  It weirds me out.

Ellie:  Where's daddy?
Me:  He's helping someone from church!
Ellie:  When we go to people that hurt, we bless them and help them.

*during family prayer, her battery-powered, stuffed animal Elmo started talking*
Ellie:  Elmo wasn't 'bery' reverent.
Me:  No, he wasn't, was he?
Ellie: No, he wasn't.  I'm gonna marry Elmo.  He's my daddy.
Tim:  Oh, well...that's weird.