The name "Sparky" came to be long before I was born.

You see, until [very] recently, that was my last name.

Ok, that's [partially] a lie.

My last name was "Sparks."

But no one ever used that.  If people didn't call me "Katie" it was almost always "Sparky."

And that has been the nickname for all of my Sparks kin since Dalmations were invented.  [You know - those dogs that supposedly helped firemen?]

And then I moved away to go to school at Arizona State University.  When I learned the mascot's name, I knew it was fate.  That's right.  You guessed it.  "Sparky."  [And no, our mascot isn't Dalmations.  Sadly.]

Now my last name is no longer Sparks, but carrying on with another long-standing family tradition, it will be my new middle name.

And so the Sparky tradition lives on.

And so does my blog.

I LOVE hearing from my readers!  If you would like to contact me, you can email me at kaitlyn{dot}sparks{dot}1{at}asu{dot}edu.

I am open to guest posting, giveaways, and/or product reviews!  And most of all, I just want to hear your thoughts.

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