Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i need YOU!

I went to talk to my psychology advising counselor today after my first class was cancelled, and she informed me that I have twelve elective classes that I have to take. She told me that this meant one of two things: that I could either make this a minor or probably turn it into a double-major. The problem is...I have absolutely no idea what I would want to major/minor in. I definitely do not want to do anything history related, as I am taking HST 101 right now and feel as if I am barely hanging on for dear life.

Any ideas?

Friday, October 10, 2008

it's the small things in life

Random moment from today that made me laugh (that probably won't be funny to anyone but me, ha):

Jerod forgot his lunch again today, so I went with him (as I normally do when this occurs) to the MU to buy a lunch. In addition to buying his pizza and breaksticks, Jerod also got a very large drink. I was about to walk out of the MU after Jerod had payed for his food, but he called me back and insisted that he needed a lid and a straw for his drink. Deciding to be helpful, I grabbed the first lid I saw and tried to put it on the top of the drink; however, the lid I had so helpfully grabbed was much too small for his very large drink and so it just dropped inside of the cup and floated atop the lemonade. I stood there confused for a moment before I realized what was going on, and then I reached inside his cup to grab the lid. For some reason, though, I couldn't get a grip on it, so I ended up just pushing it around inside his lemonade for awhile. Eventually, I looked up at Jerod to see him staring at me in amazement at my stupidity. HAHA. Then I couldn't stop laughing for the next twenty minutes, while Jerod still just shook his head in amazement. Ha! Another very happy moment in the life of Katie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

laughter is the best medicine

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wonder if someone is just going to pop out of no where and yell, "You're on candid camera!" or something else along those lines? Well, this has definitely been one of those weeks for me. I wish I could remember all of the strange happenings of this week, but unfortunately, I only remember a couple of them.

My absolute favorite moment (which turned into many, many moments) was when I went outside my apartment to talk on the phone. Before I left, I called out to my roommates, "Don't lock me out!" Haha. Yep. I think I jinxed myself right there. While I was on the phone, my roommates texted me and told me they were going for a run. After I got back from my phone conversation, I walked up the stairs, turned the door handle, guessed it! The door was locked. The very first two words that popped into my brain: "Oh dang." I'm pretty sure those were the only two words that stayed in my head for about two minutes before I started to giggle. My roommates were on a two hour run, it was really late at night, I was locked out of my own apartment, and I had to pee really badly...and my only reaction for the next two hours was to giggle uncontrollably to myself. I'm strange like that. It made me think of Elder Wirthlin's talk from the Saturday afternoon session of general conference where he counseled us to just laugh when things go wrong. Well, I think I definitely took his counsel to heart. Haha. Good times...with myself. Ha.

Another favorite moment from this week happened that very night after my roomies finally got home from their run. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and Ashley and Madison were sitting in my room talking and drinking chocolate milk. Madi said something about how listening to Secondhand Serenade sometimes made her wish she had a boyfriend to which Ashley promptly responded, "You can borrow Josh for awhile if you want!" I shook my head as Madison snorted at that suggestion. Ashley gave us the most hurt look I've ever seen cross anyone's face. Madison and I started laughing at exactly the same time--the only difference being that Madi had chocolate milk in her mouth and I did not. Milk sprayed across the room and landed on Ashley's clothes, face, desk, and computer. I had the best view since the milk was backlit by Ashley's light. I started laughing even harder, but my favorite moment was when Ashley's first reaction was to reach down, pull Madi's sweaty sock from off her foot, and start to clean up all the sprayed milk with it. HAHA. Oh man. That was such a happy moment in the life of Katie.