Sunday, August 23, 2015

announcing baby #2

We found out we were pregnant on Sunday, March 8th while we were visiting my grandma's house in California.  I smiled through my tears at the positive test and knew that I needed to tell Tim immediately.  It was a little tricky, though, because he was working at an expo in Anaheim and I needed to hurry and get Ellie and I ready for church first.  We made it through Sacrament Meeting (though, admittedly, my thoughts were mostly on that positive test) and hurried over to the Anaheim Convention Center.  I called Tim and asked him to meet me at the car.  As soon as he hopped in, I handed him two positive tests.  He looked at me uncertainly, wanting to be sure what this meant.

"Yep, they're positive!" I told him, beaming.

"Really?"  His eyes lit up.

There were a few tears and some excited conversation involved, but it was all too short, as Tim had to get back inside the convention center.

The rest of my family arrived the next night, and a few minutes later, I yelled above all the various conversations that we were pregnant again!  Everyone was thrilled for us.  (It made our Disneyland trip a little trickier, since our doctor wanted me to be cautious.) (But let's be honest, we were so thankful we didn't even care.)

Because of the previous miscarriage, we were hesitant about when to announce to the whole world that we were pregnant again.  We heard the heartbeat on April 13th, when I was just nine weeks along.  We knew our chances had just gone up, but we didn't want to announce just yet.  And Tim wanted to wait to tell his family for when we visited them in Yuma, AZ the first week in May.

My amazing friend, Heather, agreed to take some announcement pictures for us on April 20th, and our plan was to get some prints and show the pictures to Tim's family when we got there.  The pictures turned out even better than I could have hoped, and I couldn't wait to show them to Tim's family when we got there.

We had one more appointment before we left for Yuma on April 30th, when we heard the heartbeat yet again, and our doctor told us our baby had a 95% chance of surviving this time around.  We felt good about announcing to Tim's family.

We handed our stack of pictures to Tim's family soon after we arrived, and they were so excited for us!

We took pictures with both pink and blue balloons, just in case, but since I know now that we're having a BOY, I thought I'd just post the blue ones!  (We didn't find out the gender until May 28th.)

Heather also took some other amazingly cute family pictures for us.

(Heather, we are forever in your debt!)

It's difficult to explain without getting emotional how much this pregnancy has meant to me.  We feel beyond blessed that this pregnancy has gone so well, and that we are expecting a healthy baby boy come November 13th.  I love our beautiful life!

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