Tuesday, June 14, 2011

camping pics

And FINALLY....for the long-awaited camping pictures:  [don't even pretend like you don't care]

Isn't it ironic that my dog ralphed in the car right as we were driving by this animal hospital?  [Good start, I know.]

My little brother Eric always makes the most intelligent faces.

Oh heyyyy...

Tim took this on our hike.  Very nice, eh?

I was cold the first night...

....and even colder the second night.  [Pansy.]

Sometimes Tim has trouble keeping his eyes open for pictures...

....and it makes me giggle.  Really hard.

Aaaand a fairly normal picture :)

My dad in deep thought.  [Wait no, not possible. ;)]

Well, for rude.  [Apparently they have a thing against my family in those mountains.]

Some Grand Canyon love.

Jeff, me, and my dad at the old canyon.  [Like my little Alfalfa hair?  Yeah, me too.]


Tim built this "awesome" bench whilst camping.  [Give it some love, people.]

And if you persevered through all the pictures, you get to witness the evidence of my pansiness with a lantern.  [Don't judge.  Especially the part where I pull my head back and have a triple chin.]  It's maybe not that funny to anyone but me and Tim and mi familia.  But watch if you wish.  [p.s. Tim especially likes the part where I say "pouf."]

Well, there you have it.

Have a great day, kids.

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Tim said...

haha "I hate the POOF" I love the pictures and subtitles!