Monday, June 27, 2011

a magical dinner

In some non-engagement related news, the other night Tim and I decided to make eggs.  It was kinda late, but we had somehow missed dinner [I would tell you that we were registering for our wedding, but that would be engagement related news, so I won't] and we were hungry.

It was a very good thing for us, then, when we cracked an egg open and found this delightful surprise:

Two yolks from one egg!

As if that wasn't enough:

Two yolks from the second egg, too.  Two eggs.  Four yolks.

It was almost too much excitement for one night.

We got through it, though, and let me tell you:

Eggs have never tasted so good.


Alexis Kaye said...

haha, you are so cute! Isn't registering so fun!? It was one of my favorite parts, aside from dress and ring shopping :) wait til you get to put it all in your own apartment! It's a great feeling being in your house with your husband and your stuff!

Chelsea said...

Ha ha ha. Two yolks? You got totally lucky. Such a bargain.

I'm excited about your engagement! I'm going to go and get all caught up on your story.