Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oh roxy, you're still foxy

So I still don't have the pictures and video from the last post, but I promise I will post them soon.  I just need to get them off Tim's camera before I can do it.  He's at work.  [Rude.]  I'm also at work.  [Ruder.]  Ok, technically, I'm on my lunch break.

But.  I have a sad story to share.  Today, I was parking my car in a parking lot near my work, and I hit another car as I pulled in.  I've never done anything like that before.  And I'm usually so careful.  But today I slipped up.  Thankfully, my car has minimal damage and theirs only has a small dent, but I felt so bad.  I left a note on their car with my number and called my insurance.  But seriously, it's a sickening feeling.

Here is the dent on their car.

And some of their paint on my car.

Lame that I have pictures of this but not of my oh-so-fun camping trip, eh?

Is it bad to say that other people's similar stories made me feel slightly better?  [coughTIMcough.]  

Oh well.

And now for a clichéd letter:

My dearest Roxy,

I am so sorry for ramming you into another gargantuan metal object.  I wasn't thinking, and it was extremely insensitive of me.  Thankfully, you are basically ok - minus some additional paint on your fender - and you are still, as Tim would say, my "Foxy Roxy."  I will fix you ASAP.  Oh, and give you another bath.  Because you deserve it.

Please forgive me.

Your sheepish owner,

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Tim said...

I bet Roxy still loves you!!!! KATIE!
PS. She is still Foxy! PPS. So are you!