Tuesday, September 6, 2011

four things

I would just like to note four things:

1.  Accidentally bringing the wrong tupperware to work may [inadvertently] result in the [very healthy] lunch of broccoli.

2.  Drinking Dr. Pepper with your lunch may [purposely] cancel out any healthy points from the broccoli.

3.  Tim asking to see me before work and then surprising me with flowers is a very choice way to start the day.  [Yes that is my Sun Devil cup they are residing in.  I...accidentally broke my vase as I tried to force the flowers in.  Woops.]

4.  We have been married for a month now.  As of yesterday.  [And I love it and I love my husband and I love my life.  Mushiness over.  Kthxbye.]

p.s.  I know this is technically a fifth thing, but I have really appreciated your comments as of late.  Like, a lot. Making my day kind of "a lot."  So thank you.


Mrs. Ali said...

That is stinkin adorable! I love little surprises like that ;)

Emma Frances said...

Best surprise ever! I love flowers! And happy late one month anniversary! Also, I hope school and everything is getting a little less crazy and stuff! And finally, thanks a billion times for guest posting. Especially when things were so crazy over your way. I loved your post!

Kaycie- Redhead Memories said...

Aww hooray! I'm a new follower :) What happy happy day!

Paige said...

Broccoli lunch? Can't say I'm a fan. :) But I love those roses! I like how they are all different colors. Very unique. Good job, Tim.

Ariana said...

Hey! I just found your blog through Emma's! I've been married for just over 3 months, so I'm with ya on the hype :)

I love your blog so far!
Come check us out!! :)