Friday, September 16, 2011

i am regressing

Browsing through Netflix movies last Sunday, Tim and I came across this baby:

Neither of us had seen it in years, so we decided to watch it once again.

Was it what I remembered?  No.
Did I still like it?  Yes.
Did I pick up on the save-the-environment messages this time around?  Yes.
Did I fall in love with Willy all over again?  You betcha.
Did I cry like a baby the whole way through?  Absolutely.


Yes I definitely did that.

Periodically throughout the movie, Tim would turn to me, notice the tears, stifle a laugh, and try to act sympathetic.

It was really very sweet.

Especially since I was trying not to laugh, too.

[Laughing and crying at the same time can be a very messy ordeal.]

Then yesterday I finished this book:

My mom lent it to me a while ago [with some very strong encouragement to read it], and it just took me awhile to start it.  Then one day, I forgot to bring a textbook to read in between classes, and there it was.  Magically sitting in my backpack.

It's a very short book, so it didn't take me very long to finish.  And it's not the most dramatic or life-changing book I've ever read.

But I cried almost the whole way through.

I am regressing into a baby, I tell you!  A four-month-old, cry-for-no-[apparent]-reason baby.

It's getting quite ridiculous.

[But in my defense, it was very heartwarming.  And far more engaging than some of my textbooks.  Ok textbooks make me cry sometimes, too.  But certainly not for their heartwarming capabilities.]

Maybe one of y'all should watch/read these for me and tell me if you had the same reaction or if I really am just turning into a boo-baby.



Siri Natalia said...

Aww I wanna see it too now :)

Emma Frances said...

My husband and I and my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law all watched this the other day. It was awesome! Such a good movie. :] I'm glad you still loved it!

Mrs. Ali said...

I totally watched those movies awhile ago!!! Watch the second one too, it gets you too ;) My husband makes fun of me too for being emotional hahahaha

Chelsea said...

Ha ha ha ha I hated that movie when I was a kid. I need to watch it again now that I am an adult.

You are so cute.

Ariel said...

I love Free Willy! My sister and I watched it last summer for kicks while we cleaned the house. Love it!

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Hey I loev that book! Our family has adopted this tradition and it has always been our favorite christmas eve tradition of finding someone to give it to