Tuesday, September 27, 2011

our first camping trip [as a married couple]

Last Friday, Tim and I set out for our first camping trip as a married couple.  We decided Payson, AZ was a good idea, since it is relatively close and because there seemed to be a vast amount of campgrounds around there.

We discovered:

1. Payson is relatively close.

2. There are a lot of campgrounds around there.

3. Even though there are a lot of campgrounds, there are not a lot of open campgrounds.

4. 6:30pm is way too early for it to get dark.

5. Setting up a tent in the dark can be very tricky.

Quite a few things went wrong [perhaps too many to enumerate in an interesting manner], but we just giggled the whole time.

Then Tim started saying redundant things - not on purpose at first.  Then after awhile we turned it into a game, so that everything we said was redundant.  [E.g., "It's like I always say, when something is funny, it's just funny."  "I'm gonna try not to repeat myself, 'cause that would just be redundant."  "Setting up a tent is really hard, and it's also really difficult."]  Aaand the giggling continued.

When it was time for roasted marshmallows, I wanted to take a picture with one [smiling, of course] because of this post.  I was just posing with the marshmallow, waiting for Tim to take a picture, when my marshmallow unexpectedly caught fire.  This is the resulting picture:

Then the camera died.  Right after taking that picture.  [I'm trying not to take that as an insult.]  So that was the only picture we got of the camping trip, other than the [more crappy] ones I took with my phone.

The next day we took two hikes - one of which consisted of a very small pond which had tons of tadpoles and even a water snake.  [Which Tim did not see, but I swear it was in there.]

It was beautiful there.  I highly recommend it [all 542.46 campgrounds - especially the 1 open one].  It was so nice to get away from everything and to just be for awhile.

And now we're back to the daily grind and I find myself wishing I could be back in Payson, struggling to set up tents in the dark and unexpectedly catching marshmallows on fire.


shirley elizabeth said...

We plan to do a cabin trip weekend of the 14th (of October). It's in Thompson Draw (up the road from Bear Flats). You guys should think about coming.

Emma Frances said...

I love that you guys said redundant things! I love all the examples you gave! Haha. Cracks me up!

I'm sad that your camera died though! It would have been fun to see more picture!

Anyway, I love hearing about your fun adventures and your guys' silliness! :] Have a great week and hopefully you can go camping again soon...or at least get to relax!

Sasha said...

That looks so fun! I miss camping!!

Ashley said...

It's pictures like that that answers the question, "What makes a girl worth fighting for!" Your face is classic. I'll show up on your doorstep and knock. When you answer I'll say, "What makes a girl worth fighting for!" (thought I'd be redundant too since I'm part of the family)

Siri Natalia said...

That sounds like it was so fun! :) I can't wait until Lance and I can do a camping trip!

karajean said...

That sounds like a great trip. I need something like that right about now.

And the redundant thing is really cute :)

katilda said...

i love this post. also, i love the the things you wrote on your blog today.
also.........my verification word is "peepi." try not to laugh about that.

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

sometimes the best memories AREN'T captured on camera, though this photo will definitely be one for your history books ;) it looks like a fabulous time! If I can get my hubby out of the office one weekend soon, we want to go camping too! have a great week! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}